Technical Name NODE2NODE, Public Name 'Branch'


The app that scales past infinity for generations to come by with feelings that are priceless and can not be measured in currency.

An idea I had for some time but never really had focus time and energy into it, meet NODE2NODE {TECHNICAL NAME} : BRANCH {PUBLIC NAME} The Family tree app that will scale to infinity as the lineage of the blood line continues. Imagine being able to capture your photos, videos, Audio of your loved ones and being able to share it until....well forever. As it grows it becomes more of a personal and a time piece matter, ever lasting memories to come by. One of the problems that every family faces in the world, is that there are family stories, maybe a picture or two of an ancestor that was never really spoken of, with the course of time the story of loved ones get translated into something different per. person in the lineage. So what do you get when you can capture pictures, videos, Audio, text, annotation and have only the appropriate people with access to modify and or give children access rights with version control / snapshots of the lineage. Further more, a child in a ITC (Infant Toddler Care) Center can use this to make the family tree, the child can then share amongst other children and care givers.

"Shoot For The Memories & Make It Yours"

Coming Soon.