"The Cloud Is Great, But I'm In Space."
~ Johnny W. Lam

Rare In NYC - 03/26/2018 | 06:55AM EST 

For the alotted time living in New York City, I have never seen a shooting star aka fireball, due to the ambiance of light, pollution and so forth. However on March 26 2018 I finally saw one.  Below is the cropped version of the memory, spectacular it was.  At first glance I already knew it was not a plane and to be honest I also thought it might have been the Chinese Satellite Tiangong-1, the event happened roughly for about 45 seconds, I did not hear anything nor see any other friction of light from the earth's atmosphere and due to pollution and other factors it stood as seen, visible enough to dip behind the tree and vanish.  

Dream Dream Dream....

While posting this entry.....All I have to do is Dream, Dream, Dream.... 🌠

Take a look at the memory captured.

Cropped to show the rare event in Brooklyn, NY
"Shoot For The Memories & Make It Yours" ~ JWL