Hey! It's Me Johnny

"Shoot For The Memories And Make It Yours" ~ Johnny W. Lam


Hey! It's Me Johnny

A visionary notion that played in my head since I was younger, like 99.9% of children who enjoyed doodling with crayons and water paint, I always was intrigued with the arts, but also have a technical mind. I dabbled with the family camera as a teen, but never got into photography until I was in College, at the age of 17 deciding what to do with my life, I was working 2x jobs, one at a bar and restaurant and the other floating between working with children and the other doing clerical work at various companies. The most intriguing portion of my year of 18 when working with children, was that one child in particular was autisic which I have had the chance to do an observation and capture memories during with observation.

The camera which was 5mp Kodak easy share digital camera gave me the ability to capture and use the captured memory for reference and educational usage. Fast forward to 2001, I bought myself a digital camera, a Nikon D40. But during college I also took film photography courses, like I said I was always intrigued by the arts. The camera pactically sat there and I never really did put it into good use, due to career focus and advancement. Fast forward again into 2011, I bought a Nikon D7000 and this time around, I was serious. I started with bodies of work and proceeded to adavnce into in-depth techniques, pre & post processing was not an issue, I was always surrounded by production people since college and through out the years.

Today my goal with photography plays 2x roles but with one 1 vision. Due to the abundance of camera's, it is up to you as the photographer to find your ninche and convey your vision photographically. The 2x roles are simple, Hardware & Software as 1 and Education as the second. All in all "Shoot For The Memories And Make It Yours" ~ Johnny W. Lam