Industrial Strength

As I write this piece, it is not to down play anyone nor any particular manufacturer of Camera’s.  Still as of today, I still shoot with my Nikon along with Sony Alpha Series & my beloved Lumia 1020 & 950.  Nikon however has been the choice of Semi-Pro to Professional level camera to go to.  I can go down the list of pro’s & con’s but where Nikon still shines today is that Nikon still holds the lead in industrial strength usage, from Nasa, Local State & City, Medical, etc.  However I can always rely on my Nikon to get the shot I need.  Canon is great, with it’s feature list of camera’s, but me personally, Canon usage is roughly about 15% of my photography needs.  Sony Alpha Series has sparked a line like dark fiber since lit, and it’s pretty damn fast in terms of adoption.  So why Nikon?  One person that I had the chance to speak to, laughed at the notion of Nikon for being around 100+ years, one can say I’ve been to war and back in the literal sense.  So yeah, industrial and even military grade for usage, long life and durability.

But Nikon had a major slump over the years, true.  Due to a major re-org. of the company, as time passed Nikon recently announced that moving forward, Nikon will release a Full Frame Mirrorless Camera and once again, it sparked and warmed the heart of long time users.  For me Nikon is allowing me to “Bridge The Visual Communications Gap”  which then I wish to Bridge the next 100 plus years in visual communications with Nikon, while filling the gap of Mirada.  So Nikon, what do you say, Can I get a review unit of the full frame mirrorless when time comes?  🙂

“Bridging The Visual Communications Gap For The Next 100 Years” @Lamchopphotography